Alcon Brake Disc



Brand : ALCON


Each Alcon two-piece disc for your GR Yaris weighs only 8.1kg which is a remarkable 2.8kgs less than the OE disc. Currently, the lightest option on the market, this upgrade will save you 5.6kgs in un-sprung weight on the front axle.
Utilising Alcon’s medium float drive system paired with a lightweight aluminium bell, you’ll only have to replace the friction ring (disc) once worn, rather than the complete assembly which is the case with the OE system.
Eliminates the poor cooling issues of the standard setup, which is proving to be an issue on these cars with track use.
The discs are manufactured from Alcon’s proven casting technology. Paired with our bobbin drive system and aluminium bell, these discs are more resistant to warping due to special alloys within the Iron disc, This combination allows the disc to thermally expand under use, contributing to better heat dissipation between the two-piece system and reducing the risks of warping.
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