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Moty's M111 Fully Synthetic Oil


Brand : MOTY'S


This Product supports a wide range of vehicles from general driving of normal vehicles to all competition vehicles and balances pickup performance, high response performance, and durability performance at high-temperature and high-load conditions which can be said to be a trade-off performance at a high dimension. It is the most versatile product in the Moty‘s engine oil series.
The product is formulated with hydrocarbon synthetic base oils with excellent viscosity temperature characteristics and ester synthetic base oils with excellent heat resistance and solubility. SAE 20/30/40 viscosity grade is possible to minimize viscosity resistance and friction resistance by formulating carefully selected functional polymers which can flexibly follow the shear rate of sliding parts, in combination with multiple friction modifiers.
On the other hand, SAE 50 are designed with an emphasis on heat resistance and durability by not containing a functional polymer, suppressing friction modifiers from a viewpoint of the balance of functional additives.
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