Yokohama ADVAN Racing GT 18 Inch






In 2011, the 20-inch GT hit the market and almost instantly became the flagship of the ADVAN Racing brand. Last year saw the 19-inch expand the market and now the 18-inch size debuts.

The 19-inch and 20-inch sizes maximized the allure of large diameters with a deep rim as their underlying basic design concept. So many expected that the 18-inch size would inherit the same deep rim concept but instead they are set to standard depth in every size. That means 18-inch offers ample clearance even for large callipers, something different from conventional 19- and 20-inch sizes.

The GT 18-inch size focuses on the concept of circuit attack cars which rely on R-spec tyres. That means the wheels must provide ample space for the attack cars big callipers. As a result the GT 18-inch size’s basic profile is for front-side mounting. A special rim profile was developed to offer ample clearance for 400mm rotors in some sizes. With that as the base, YOKOHAMA looked once more at strength and weight before settling on the final design.

Because the tires are mounted from the front side the rims can have a maximum 34 mm depth and depending on the width and offset offer five types of concave spokes, which means these wheels deliver optimum combination of form and function for this size. And the knurling process (an anti-tire-slip feature) is adopted for all sizes of 18-inch wheels.
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