Vossen SP2



22" 23" 24"

แบรนด์ : VOSSEN


Elegant and premier-class are two of the crucial points that make Rolls-Royce the top-tier automotive manufacturer that they are-- The Novitec x Vossen forged wheels follow accordingly. Inspired by the sharp and flowing lines of the Cullinan's curves, the SP2 blends in with the Rolls-Royce style and lines while setting the vehicle out from a crowd with purpose.
The SP2 wheel is designed to utilize an OEM Rolls Royce floating center cap for Rolls Royce models as well as an all-new Vossen floating center cap for any other applications.
CNC machined in Miami to exact specifications for every vehicle application.


Novitec and Vossen’s shared focus on precision craftsmanship, revolutionary design and producing the highest quality product within the automotive industry have led to Ferrari, Lamborghini and Tesla specific wheels, tailored perfectly to each model.

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