Fabspeed Ferrari 488 GTB/Spider Valvetronic Dual Tone Exhaust System


แบรนด์ : FABSPEED


  • Fits all Ferrari 488 vehicles GTB Berlinetta, Coupe and Spider (2015 - 2019 ) All models worldwide fit great.
  • A simple direct replacement Bolt-ON for all 488 rear OEM valved muffler systems. So simple to install.
  • Designed to fit with the factory/OEM Ferrari tips or with any aftermarket tips that are designed to fit like stock
  • Increases power and throttle response.
  • Helical Aerospace United Kingdom exhaust valves. EXACT SAME OEM Tier one exhaust valves used by Ferrari to manufacture all 458, 488, F12, F8 Tributo, 488 Pista cars. Silica Carbide equipped Ultra high heat never fail bullet-proof valves.
  • Dual Twin Tone Valvetronic exhaust sound. Plug & Play maintains Ferrari factory functionality. Simple and excellent.
  • Constructed from high quality 14-16ga CNC mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel for maximum performance and durability
  • Direct replacement for the OEM muffler any Ferrari or local mechanic will be able to install.
  • Fabspeed Motorsport was the World's Very 1st Company to design, engineered and street and racetrack develop the 488 Valvetronic system.
  • Performance Passion Perfection for all things Ferrari and especially the 488.
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