OZ Racing Botticelli III



19" 20" 21" 22"

แบรนด์ : OZ RACING


The OZ Botticelli III modular wheel comes from the desire to break with the conventional world of wheel design, in search of a timeless, absolute beauty, and with an Italian style made of rhythmic and linear traits that create a dynamic harmony of shapes. Just like the works of the young Botticelli, the use of lines is paramount for this wheel. The shapes appear light and weightless; a style sought by OZ to highlight the lightness of the wheel.

OZ Atelier Forged
The unique experience of a forged wheel designed just for you. Atelier Forged offers a “tailor-made” wheel configuration for those who want to stand out from the crowd and express their own personality with extreme customization. Each wheel is different; every detail is engineered with the utmost precision; every milling operation stems from a unique design project, like the singular way each one of us expresses who we are.

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