OZ Racing Crono III



19" 20"

แบรนด์ : OZ RACING


Crono III is a product engineered to marry design and high-performance features. The 5 spokes extend to the rim, tapering slightly to achieve the appearance of lightness without compromising the solid construction of the wheel. The words OZ and Crono III are engraved on the front surface of the spokes, making them immediately recognizable.
OZ Atelier Forged
The unique experience of a forged wheel designed just for you. Atelier Forged offers a “tailor-made” wheel configuration for those who want to stand out from the crowd and express their own personality with extreme customization. Each wheel is different; every detail is engineered with the utmost precision; every milling operation stems from a unique design project, like the singular way each one of us expresses who we are.


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