AST Suspension 5200 series 2-Way




Perfectly fine-tuned
You are that person who takes the performance of your car more serious. Our 5200 series are perfectly suitable for everyday use, but mostly designed for track use. Challenge your vehicle by adjusting the compression and rebound separately. Allowing you to experience sports car driving at its finest.

2-Way Adjustable, separate rebound and compression adjustable with a remote reservoir. The positions give clear feedback with each adjustment, each offering a different driving experience.
Inverted strut design to cope with (heavy) side load and braking loads.
In some cases the non inverted system is used.
Improved handling and consistent performance due to Monotube technology.
Ride Height adjustable.
Gas Pressurized.
Including AST top mounts / camberplates. High quality, noise free..
Including springs. Custom springrates are available.
Available options for 5200 series:


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