Moton Suspension Internal 2-way




The new “Moton 2-way Non Reservoir“ is a double adjustable damper that is designed with a high performance adjustment system that can adjust compression and rebound damping forces with 2 knobs. These are located on the top of the damper for easy access. The 22mm shaft together with our new low friction seals are set for fast responses and good feedback during massive sideload. This is the perfect answer for racers that are not allowed to run canisters/reservoirsin their

The kit features 12 click compression and 12 click rebound control from lowspeed. Each adjustment is directly noticeable by the driver and they are made for easy setup. The Sport dampers perform really well at low speed as well as high speed velocities which gives you total control regardless of the conditions. The damper bodies are produced from the highest quality steel or aluminium. The shaft are induction hardened and chrome plated.


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