Fabspeed Acura NSX TT / Type S Sport Catalytic Converters (2017-2022)


แบรนด์ : FABSPEED



  • Direct replacement bolt-on, precision crafted Maximum flow catted pipes to replace 4 small, restrictive OEM Ceramic Catalytic Converters.

  • HJS German Imported 200 cell Tri-Metallic super high-flow Catalytic Converters - flows 93% of a straight pipe.

  • Provisions for the factory primary catalyst heat shielding, along with shielding for the secondary catalyst bypass.

  • Optimized for maximum performance with NO catalyst generated check engine light, guaranteed

  • Aggressive sports car sound with prominent turbo spool.

  • Save 21 pounds and 9 KG versus the extremely restrictive 4 quantity OEM NSX Catalytic Converters.

  • Precision manufactured in USA using HAAS CNC, FLOW WATERJET, HJS German Catalytic Converters and 321 Stainless Steel flex bellows.

  • NSX Twin Turbo HJS high-flow Catalytic Converters come with all hardware and gaskets ready to install with OEM heat shields.

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