GruppeM Audi RS5 F5(B9) | 2017 ~ | 2.9 Liter・Twin Turbo | Ram Air System| FRI-0227


แบรนด์ : GRUPPE M


This magnificently handcrafted high-capacity RAM AIR SYSTEM, also known as cold air intake (CAI) makes full use of the engine bay drawing in the greatest amount of ambient air possible. This system features an enlarged intake air-duct behind the grill which channels fresh air directly into the engine, increasing the horsepower and torque throughout the power band. Our proprietary carbon fiber filter casing prevents heated air from entering the intake stream, resulting in lowered intake air temperatures (IAT). Real-time road tests have proven to deliver increased power and performance throughout the entire RPM range providing a sharp increase in performance at higher engine speeds. Delivering razor-sharp performance and revealing a truly sporty sound at high rpm.
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