CFS Nissan GT-R (R35) Oil Cooler


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  • The GT-R market in the USA primarily focuses on the latest generation R35 model. The Nissan GT-R (R35) has been for sale in the USA since 09. Within its current ~10 year model cycle (give or take), the boundaries of performance and power have been pushed to limits that have been shocking. We’re talking HP figures of over 2000HP, quarter-second drag times under 7 seconds, and top speeds of over 220 mph. Godzilla has really earned its name with the latest and greatest from Nissan that just keeps getting better.
  • CSF has recently joined forces with GT-R tuning specialist, Cicio Performance from Atlanta, GA to develop and bring to market the industry’s best drop-in fit R35 GT-R oil cooler. At CSF we don’t take the word “best” lightly, and neither does Cicio Performance with its record-breaking cars. The new CSF x Cicio Performance R35 GT-R oil coolers have the following features:
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