Mansory Ferrari F8 Soft Kit


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MANSORY again expands its extensive product portfolio for Ferrari
"Softkit" for "F8 Tributo Coupé / Spider
  • For the currently very successful Ferrari model "F8 Tributo" (Coupé / Spider), which is marketed in high numbers, MANSORY now also offers completely newly developed "Softkits" for the individualization of these models with three individualization focal points in addition to its classic "complete conversions":
  • Design - body applications ("Add-On") in Carbon
  • Wheels - new wheel-tire combination
  • Performance - performance enhancement
  • Within the scope of this program, which MANSORY calls "Softkit", various "Add-On" body attachments in carbon, a modified wheel-tire combination and a performance increase can be ordered and installed individually.
  • In this way MANSORY meets the growing demand of its customers for an elegant, individually definable, easy to install but nevertheless effective conversion for the Ferrari models "F8 Tributo Coupé / Spider" in the best possible way.
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