Mansory Lamborghini Urus Venatus - Wide Body


แบรนด์ : MANSORY


MANSORY adds extra athleticism to the Lamborghini Urus
Meet Venatus, the ultimate performance-SUV
The traditional Italian car manufacturer proves its ability and created a power that is not only fierce, but also muscular. We took the bear and made a beast out of it that will make everyone turn their head. This is mainly due to the complete apron, that gives the front of the MANSORY Venatus its disarming look.
The MANSORY interior programme
The interior is loyal to the style of the Italian super sports car manufacturer. Individually redesigned airbag steering wheel as well as the lavish use of elegant visible carbon fibre and the finest leather provide further accents in the complete equipment set made by master craftsmen.
The MANSORY wheel collection
One of the technical highlights of the Urus refinement programme is the new 24-inch
alloy wheel named the Yavin. The ultra-light forged wheel combines both sporting
performance and elegance. Narrow spokes enable optimum ventilation of the brakes
and emphasise the dynamics of the wheel.
The MANSORY performance programme
With our know-how, we can stir up the power under the bonnet like nobody else. We love pushing the limits of engines and getting more performance out of them together with a more impressive sound. Give us a call and let’s find out together just where are the boundaries of your sports car.
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