Mansory Mercedes-Benz C63/C43 (C205)


แบรนด์ : MANSORY


Exclusive Mansory body and accessory program
for the facelifted Mercedes AMG C63
Being different from others has never been easier. Stylish design, technical sophistication and a sense for detail enhance the C-Class with its own individual style. When it comes to the sports characteristics, rest assured the MANSORY programme will deliver.
The MANSORY interior programme
The interior exudes pure luxury thanks to leather, Alcantara, precious woods, carbon or piano finish - almost all components of the interior can be personalized by master craftsmen upon request.
The MANSORY wheel collection
Several wheel options are available to ensure the best possible performance. A highlight in terms of styling and technology is the ultra light, forged wheel model M5 in 20-inch format. The dynamic shaping of the slender spokes creates a striking sports look.
The MANSORY performance programme
A styling package that really yearns for additional engine power. Thanks to our know-how, the V8 twin turbo engine of the C63 has grown a little bit more muscle. Freed from electronic limiters, the urge only ends at a maximum speed of 310 km/h.
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