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Moty's M110 Fully Synthetic Oil


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In order to promote fuel efficiency, which can be said to be the demand of the times, low-viscosity grade products are becoming the mainstream, and with the aim of further fuel efficiency, the base oil itself is being reduced in viscosity while maintaining the product viscosity. On the other hand, engine protection performance, especially maintenance of wear resistance at low speeds, and evaporation of base oil due to cheap base oil should be taken into consideration.
It is also a fact that depending on the vehicle, there are concerns about oil loss through piston due to excessively low viscosity, increase in oil consumption and carbon in the combustion chamber, and deterioration in the quality of exhaust gas.
Under these circumstances, M110 is a proposal as an option.
For SAE 20 / 30, the base oil combination is composed mainly for the purpose of suppressing oil leak into the combustion chamber. For SAE 40, 50, and 60, functional additives have been blended in a well-balanced manner assuming use under high temperature and high load conditions in sports driving.
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